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A Few Words About Us

Our mission is simple and it has been for over 10 years now. Maid Simply continues to be trustworthy, reliable, friendly and simple! Maid Simply is family owned and operated. This is why we provide you with the service that we would expect from a cleaning service company.

We understand you are giving us access to your home and your lives and for that reason we make it a priority to ensure you are not only satisfied but also protected. To achieve that, our staff members are our employees who are insured, WSIB covered, trained and cleared by conducting a background criminal check. We do not engage “independent contractors” nor individuals without a SIN number.

Choosing a cleaning service is very personal and at sometimes difficult. This is why we strongly encourage that our initial quotation be done in person with the owner so that everything of importance to you is addressed.

Meet Our Team


As the person in control of the company, she enjoys meeting clients and making sure they are satisfied with the services our team provides. Ewa loves a clean home and her goal is to ensure that Maid Simply shines each and every time by personalizing and understanding clients’ expectations.


Heather has been with Maid Simply since March of 2016. She is an energetic young gal that absolutely loves to clean. Attention to detail is key for her as well as getting to know her clients. She loves pets and the pets love her back.


Jennifer has been with Maid Simply since September of 2015. She enjoys cleaning as it gives her great satisfaction when she sees the end results each time.


Kayla enjoys the physical labour aspect of the job and seeing the end result of the task and how big of a difference it makes. She enjoys meeting new people and their pets and seeing them happy.


Logan has been with Maid Simply since September of 2016. She enjoys her job because she knows she is helping others in need such as the elderly, basically she loves to assist all walks of life.


Natasha has been cleaning for many years and joined Maid Simply in December of 2016. She enjoys what she does because it makes other people happy.


Stephanie has been with Maid Simply since February of 2014 and she enjoys coming to work each and every day because everyone is very friendly. She considers Maid Simply, her team and clients as one big family.

Our Guarantee

Worry-free service that you can count on. At Maid Simply, we guarantee it. Our professional cleaners are trained to listen and adjust to each client’s needs and expectations. We ensure that there is constant communication between the clients, staff and management. To help us strive in providing excellent service, we encourage our clients to communicate with us freely so that we can improve any aspect of the service that we provide.

Quality control inspections are conducted regularly by management to maintain the highest quality and personal services we offer. Our clients’ testimonials say it all!

Our guarantee gives you the peace of mind that if you are not completely satisfied with a clean, we will gladly return and correct any area which may have not met your expectations.

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Our experienced and professional staff are trained to communicate with you in order to cater to individual requirements in your home.